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02 October 4pm - 6pm / 7pm - 10pm

i can't hear you

5. embedded – when i was with you i was a
with Juli
ana Lindenhofer and Brad Nath

a workshop for listening to pavement stones, fluid sculptures and a DJ set + an ASMR live performance

Brad Nath invited to workshopping the ground through listening to pavement stones:

For a couple of hours, slices of the pavement of the Changing Room garden served as the grounds for a workshop about feeling grounded (or not) through listening or loosening paving stones (and putting them back in). The workshop opens up ways of thinking about and listening to the ground—standing on sound ground, a sounding ground, the noise floor, etc.—activated through interactions with the paving stones themselves, often a topic of Brad’s works. We observed, discussed and actively participated in recomposing our relationship formed with the place. Brad was attending to the moving bodies around pavements, of whose elements often he moves with, removes, and sounds.
In the evening, Brad presented a live ASMR performance involving a series of amplified building modules made from various artificial materials.

Juliana Lindenhofer presented sculptures and a DJ set:


We joined Juliana’s protagonists - her sculptures - at Changing Room for a DJ set. The grounds on which Juliana puts together her fluid sculptures, often made out of fabrics and metal casts and color, are thoughts on new anatomies, gender hacking and body deformations - strongly influenced by club aesthetics. The way she is sculpting influences her DJ practice and vice versa. Juliana collaborates with the excesses of nightlife, that she feeds with queer Punk mixes with Voguing samples, apocalyptic computer-game Ambient, cyborgish R’n’B, Techno when she DJs.

Juliana Lindenhofer studies performative arts and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Prof. Monica Bonvicini and Prof. Iman Issa. From 2016-2017 she co-founded and co-curated the club series Clinic in Vienna. In 2019 she was awarded with the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Grant for the class of Ei Arakawa and Sarah Chow. In 2020 she was awarded with the ASA Programme scholarship (Hamburg) and was a finalist for the Ö1 Talent Grant for visual arts.
Recent exhibitions and performances include Leopold Museum (Vienna, Austria), WAF (Vienna, Austria), Wiener Festwochen – Hyperreality (Vienna, Austria), Künstlerhaus Graz (Graz, Austria), Belvedere 21 (Vienna, Austria), Festung Hohensalzburg (Salzburg, Austria), Raum für drastische Maßnahmen (Berlin, Germany), school (Vienna, Austria), Unsafe and Sounds Festival (Vienna, Austria).

Brad Nath is developing space-making techniques through material/body-based research, live performances, installations, music, workshops, and ASMR. After finishing architecture school in 2018 he moved from New York to Berlin, where his attempt to reposition the role of the architect developed into an artistic practice. Often his process begins with the act of listening to and amplifying building modules for what their vibrations might expose about their production of infrastructural, intimate, and social realities. Brad Nath has presented his work or been in residence at ZK/U Center for Arts and Urbanistics (Berlin, 2021), Neurotitan Gallery (Berlin, 2021), the "Parking Ist Bewegung" Festival (Berlin, 2021), Callie's (Berlin, 2021), the B-Part Gallery (Berlin, 2021), the Amplify residency at ACUD (Berlin, 2020), and the Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, 2019). He is currently enrolled in the MA SODA program at HZT Uferstudios, where he is researching how the commons reveals itself through the sidewalk.


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