30 April 12pm - 8pm 

i can't hear you


1. come equal

with Anna Zawadzka and Ralf Wendt

We open the "I can't hear you" event series in the format of a hybrid meeting between listening, performance lectures, both streaming and IRL, live interviews, play-out of pre-recorded interviews, and communication laboratory situations with Anna Zawadzka (online) and Ralf Wendt with Research and Waves members (on site). We think there is always something new to observe in very usual situations, between work conversations and other chat rooms. Behaviors are often so different, and coming equal is necessary to be together. The role of verbal and nonverbal communication plays an important part in our daily life. We observe how their patterns reflect the status, power, and dominance between people. How can we pay more attention to it? In this 8 hours working shift on site and online we will speak with each other and dive into vivid work experiences, talk about non-hierarchical communication and deconstruct the meaning of control, its muting or self-censoring, and influence on the behavior of others.


Anna Zawadzka “What would you tell your employer if you could speak freely?” interviews playout and online interviews.


Ralf Wendt “Rolling Roles and Rules”- Questioning “hierarchy-free” communication. Performative lecture and a group laboratory situation.

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