Wednesday, March 4th, 2020, 6pm


- an invitation to empower ourselves

The event is an exercise in mutual empowerment, which will be implemented under the conditions of empathy, self-empowerment and joy. We are asked to evaluate and redefine the value of collecting art. Existing projects like the Artist Pension Trust or Stichting Beeldende Kunst, which are based on socio-political approaches, function as thought-provoking impulses for X/CHANGE.

What can be learned from these and other projects and what must be unlearned?
Who decides which works are worth to collect and under which premisses? Let us reassess.

To evaluate and change the ideas on collecting, including its political and social aspects, is the goal of X/CHANGE. Which possibilities should be considered, which mechanisms must be reconsidered? Let us explore and go paths of rethinking together. Can we change paradigms to rewrite history and influence the future? What course must be set to enable a reassessment of the status quo?

Speakers from various disciplines will in this series present their findings for open discussion in public talks.
How do I build up a private collection and under which premises?
How can I sustainably preserve my estate for the future?
We invite you to participate in the discussions on long-term solutions for self-empowerment.

For each event, four artists will be invited, who in turn will invite four further artists to participate in an artwork exchange format. Additionally, visitors are invited to spontaneously offer other resources for exchange. The works will be presented outside conventional, normative exhibition practices. 

The claim of this event is not to be a fully transferable model for the future. It is intended to be a collective exploration of the ideas of self-empowerment and consciousness.

We propose the value of the energy of exchange.

For the first edition of X/Change we are presenting a talk by Karoline Pfeiffer.
Karoline Pfeiffer has worked in the cultural and creative field for over 15 years, most recently as a managing director of an internationally well known collectors plattform.

About 3 years ago she started to fundamentally rethink the future prospects of her field. Ever since Karoline Pfeiffer has turned towards the research and development of new body somatic and alternative methods through various trainings in body, mind & movement.
She is now a somatic body practitioner, therapist and coach.
Her passion is to support individuals to reconnect with their unique personal qualities and empower them to follow their personal path towards authenticity and vitality by taking the lead in their own life.

Beginning: 18:00

Talk: 19:00

Participating artists:

Rick Buckley, Antonia Low, Erik Steinbecher, Gabriel Vormstein, Quirin Bäumler, Alexandra Hopf, Rolf Graf, Veronica Brovall and others