Experiments in Disintegrating

The exhibition and performance series Experiments in Disintegrating presents projects by artists and musicians whose work, in dissolving structures and timelines, creates a space that transcends standard notions and expectations of mediating form. Established modes of pastiche and repetition in sound are expanded by a further dimension, allowing non-sound – i.e. silence – to evoke complementary experiences in the perceptions of listeners and viewers. We regard disintegrating here as a constructive means of intervention for creating something new. The name of the series, Experiments in Disintegrating, is borrowed from the Konkrete Canticle LP Experiments In Disintegrating Language. The Experiments in Disintegrating series views not only language, but also space and the body as form that can be expanded through affective tonalities.

The project is conceived by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez. In the future, other artists and curators will be invited to present projects. In early 2020, Jaro Straub will be presenting The Caretaker and Ivan Seal together in a collaborative project.

Experiments in Disintegrating I

A new series starting with

Erik Smith

Thursday, September 12th, 2019
from 7pm

at Kunstpunkt
as part of ”re-space” 
Netzwerke freier Berliner 
Projekträume und -initiativen,
 Schlegelstrasse 6, 10115 Berlin


Friday, September 20th, 2019
from 9pm to midnight

Lüderitzstrasse 11, 13351 Berlin

Please note:
there will be a talk by Erik Smith,
September 28th, starts 4pm

at Changing Room


AABBCCDVcenters on the 2012 demolition of a Miami FL arts building and former home to DimensionsVariable (DV), an artist-run project space that was forced to vacate the premises to make way for new development. Smith’s work presented for (re)space as a model of CHANGING ROOM is the third iteration of a scale suburban house found inside the DV building prior to demolition. Recreated as a floor work, the footprint of the house has been cut out of the surfaces of the plot and its rubber top layer compressed to fit the overall 1x1 m dimensions. Combined with the 12” record edition of the DV building’s demolition, the work juxtaposes the disintegration of the suburban model with the destruction of the arts building, setting up oppositions of presence/absence, support/collapse, weightiness/dematerialization.

ACIINTT– slow listening berlin
Join us at CHANGING ROOM on Friday, September 20, 2019 from 9pm to midnight for ACIINTT – slow listening berlin, a live three-hour “decelerated listening” session. For the performance, Smith will live mix Orpheus in the Underworld 78s with techno and electronica records on six turntables modified to play at drastically reduced speeds. The turntables form the central sonic component to his Berlin-based, urban-archaeological project Titanic (2013-2019) exploring the evolution of a site in Mitte, the location in the nineteenth century of a theater renowned for its performances of Jacques Offen- bach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, a sprawling underground bunker during WW2, and the four-star Titanic hotel today. Listeners are invited to come and stay for the duration of the performance or drop in as they please. Lights will be off and floor mats will be provided to facilitate extended listening.