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Below the Sun

Song Book, Below the Sun by Kirsten Palz


On Christmas Day 1968, the Apollo 17 mission delivered a complete photographic image of the Earth, which went down in history as the "Blue Marble". The visual depiction showed a fragile, glassy-looking object and its implication was responsible for a growing ecological awareness in the decades that followed. 


However, more than 50 years later, human impact on the planet through consumerism and environmental destruction has brought the world's ecology onto the verge of destruction. 


‘Below the Sun’ was written against the backdrop of rising global temperature. It’s a song about the sun as the most powerful energy resource in our solar-system. Further more, the sun with its voluminous burning mass, was central for ancient mythology and modern science alike.

The premier of the score, ‘Below the Sun’ 

will be accompanied by a sound and media installation

at Changing Room. The computer animated imageries of burning gasses depict the processing and properties of atomic transformation. The sun’s circular sphere breaks as the gasses moves.

Thursday, 24th of September 2020

Doors open at 19.30h

Performance at 20h / 21h

The score ‘Below the Sun’ is part of a continuous series of song books by Kirsten Palz. These song books touch upon different essential themes for the twenty-first century. Which include: ’Book of Verse (2016), ‘Human Biotope and Bioengineering (2019), `Do we feel Lonely ́ (2019) ‘Covid 19’(2020) and ‘Below the Sun’ (2020).

Kirsten Palz (*Copenhagen 1971) is a Danish conceptual artist. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2001. She studied with Haim Steinbach and Lynda Benglis at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and has a Masters in Computer Science from Copenhagen University. 

Her works, collected in the extensive project-archive "Sculpture as Writing" (2007-2020), deal with language and an expanded concept of sculpture. Created from the interaction between text, sculpture and surrounding space; the archive hosts circa 470 works, including performances, songbooks, choreographies, sound, three-dimensional objects and drawings.


Parts of the archive have been exhibited and performed in Berlin's independent spaces as well as international institutions: incl. Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin), Trafo Kunsthalle (Szczecin), MOLTO Artissima (Turin), Studiolo Kunst-Werke (Berlin), NBK Neue Berliner Kunstverein (Berlin), Den Frie (Copenhagen), Spor Küblü (Berlin), Grimmuseum ( Berlin), Ozean (Berlin), Dok 11/Eden (Berlin), Grey Sheep (Berlin), Momentum (Berlin).

We have precautions in place to avoid the transmission of Covid 19. Please wear a mask upon entry !

Photo: Berit Fischer

Radical Empathy Lab

with Berit Fischer

As part of the ongoing series at Changing Room:

From Touch To Matter

 - an exploration of art, politics and the self through sensory experience.

In particular during the current pandemic of Covid-19, established concepts of co-existence, inter-relationality, response-ability and care are put to test. Questions of how we want to live together – as humans and within our natural habitat– are of urgency more than ever.


The Radical Empathy Lab (REL) was founded by Berit Fischer in 2016 as a nomadic experimental platform that runs between the somatic experientable, action and critical reflection. An ongoing experimental format of affective encounter for an alternative and holistic production of knowledge, which - embraces what Brazilian theorist Suely Rolnik calls the "knowing body".


The Lab experiments with transdisciplinary and holistic advances for creating critical consciousness in which the cognitive intertwines with the non-semiotic, the sensual and experiential. It strives to activate connectivity to our sensing and knowing body to promote critical consciousness and relationality between the participants and their environment. We will experiment with holistic and collective practices, that will range from feminist and radical pedagogies, to Deep Listening exercises by experimental composer Pauline Oliveros, and meditative elements. The Radical Empathy Lab opens up a space of possibility for encounter that enables and promotes connectivity and trust in ourselves, and the “Other”.

The Radical Empathy Lab experiments with new forms of being together, that momentarily allow to reflect, to re-feel and undo a reactionary an-aesthesia (Greek: an-aesthēsis: without sensation), that is often nurtured by neoliberal capitalism and by dominant, separationist and systemic structures. REL moves between singularity and collective activity. It examines the relation between micro- and macro-dimensions of agency, as possible practices and spaces for "self-empowerment" and as an attempt to decolonise and de-subjectivate the (social) body and its relationality to the "Other".

The Lab will take place in the garden of Changing Room.

In accordance with current contact regulations, a minimum distance of 1.5 m to each other will always be maintained and direct physical contact is avoided.


Wednesday, 2nd of September 2020, 18h -21h

Please RSVP as there are limited number of 8 participants. Please send us one sentence on you and one on why you would like to participate.

No previous knowledge necessary.

Participation fee 12 Euro

Language spoken will be English and German

Please register by 27th of August at:

Berit Fischer is a curator, spatial practitioner, scholar and writer who has worked internationally since 1999. She holds a Ph.D. from the Winchester School of Art/Southampton University, UK. Her curatorial research interests include critical spatial practices, socially produced spaces, and holistic and experiential knowledge production as a way to penetrate the status quo. In her often transdisciplinary work, she strives to activate fields of action and spaces for critical debate and critical awareness raising, practices of listening, affective encounter and relational learning.

       Photo: Alina Usurelu



The Agency of Touch

One on One Sessions with 

Mădălina Dan

We are very happy to host Mădălina Dan
whose praxis we are very fond of. We have common interest in body somatic practice as artistic medium and we have been likewise deeply touched by the practice of Brazilian Artist Lygia Clark. (1920-1988).
Mădălina Dan will be the first Artist invited in the series:

From Touch To Matter

 - an exploration of art, politics and the self through sensory experience.

The Agency of Touch
One on One Sessions
with Mădălina Dan

Social and physical Distancing, the new paradigm since the Covid 19 pandemic, which is now shifting all kinds of activities into the spheres of the digital and virtual, shows us more clearly than ever how necessary touch and tactiles are. The distance we have all had to go over the past months has made it clear how essential human contact is for health and well-being and how strongly it affects our mental and emotional state. Among many other adaptation strategies that we have observed, our need for human contact has opened up inventive new ways to continue to exist. The image of a daughter hugging her mother, who lives in a nursing home, through a sleeved piece of plastic is one example.
(Interestingly, it is reminiscent of the "relational objects" of the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark,1920-88, whose work required the active participation of her audience in her therapeutic art practice).
 25 / 27 / 29 / 30 August 2020

1 hour sessions between 10h-19h

The Agency of Touch- one on one tactile performance | Scheduling and Booking Website

Please book in advance for the One one One Sessions as places are limited!


The Agency of Touch is a social intervention which utilizes touch, bodily/sensorial awareness and connectivity as a social service for communicating and researching within different social, cultural, economical contexts.
The Agency of Touch wishes to be temporarily installed in artistic contexts-festivals but in particular in institutions, social centers that are already providing social services such as
rehabilitation centers, hospitals, integration centers, old people’s homes etc.
The Agency of Touch is a practice privileging touch, haptic and physical experiences compared to the visual experiences that dominate in the contemporary technologised society. The tactile practice is regarded as a practical tool in order to be closer to society and its intrinsic problematics: the alienation of the senses, the neglect of anatomical/biological education, the social inequalities, the financial comfort equaling the comfort of the body, racism, migration, violence.

We have precautions in place to avoid the transmission of Covid 19. Please wear a mask when participating in the One one One Sessions!​