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17 November 2022, 7pm

'Chronicle of Extinction'
by Kirsten Palz

Changing Room presents the project 'Chronicles of Extinction' by Kirsten Palz, a text-based documentation of serial individual works of 12 members each of an extinct species, divided by genus and further classifications. The video work Probes of Extinction 2022 shows biological details and characteristics of this extinct species. Skin, leaf, flower, plumage, bone structure, extremities, fur and the like are extracted and displayed. This detailed look at elements of extinct animals and plants underlines the loss of a differentiated part of the living world.

Kirsten Palz's artistic practice has been brought together in the archive 'Sculpture as Writing' since 2007. The multimedia works deal with themes of social, architectural and technological space. One focus is on digital archiving, visualisation and extraction of heterogeneous data as a derivative of global transformations of the Anthropocene.

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