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 - a podcast series 

artists, their work and the thinking behind the work, which focuses on the relationship of humans to animals and plants and their interconnectedness, as well as on issues such as empathy, coexistence with other living beings, the environment, the climate crisis, animal song and culture

In Conversation with Nature

00:00 / 22:08


Abigail Sanders  talks about her working process and give insights into the research background and inspiration behind "Sounding Whales".

00:00 / 27:23


Irene TrejoInter/transdisciplinary poet and artist focuses on ecosomatic research around the limits of bodies as well as of identity, poetry, space-time, and different disciplines and processes of

creation. She talks in the podcast about her latest project "Fluid Ecotonalism" in which she collaborates with Mauricio Silva Orendain.


00:00 / 32:16

Stella Geppert  shares how she builds empathies between the body and nature through her artistic practice and, more specifically, in her upcoming performance "Sounds for the Organs".


00:00 / 47:30

Simon Faithfull  and Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez discuss how Faithfull's efforts to embody the landscape can act as a lens through which we might see ourselves.

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