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22 August 5.30 -8.30 pm / 23.August 5.30 - 8.00 pm  2022

"Fluid Ecotonalism" Workshop

Fluid Ecotonalism is a collaborative transdisciplinary, practical, and poetic proposal that aims to empathize with bodies of water that are also considered ecotones – spaces of transition from one ecosystem to another.

The project is an ongoing process and research that takes the form of an ecosomatic workshop carried out in conjunction with bodies of water, from which results derive into different translations that are finally integrated through sound.

The next edition of the workshop will be held with Changing Room and Plötzensee in Wedding, Berlin. It is facilitated by transdisciplinary artist Irene Trejo in collaboration
with musician & composer Mauricio Silva Orendain.

The workshop consists of two sessions: 
The first one (August 22nd) is held in Changing Room from 5.30-8.30 pm
And the second one (August 23rd) is at the shore of the Plötzensee Lake from 5.30-8 pm
*The exact spot is shared the day before.

The resulting sound piece will be presented September1st at

8 pm in Changing Room. This is an open event.

+ info:

- The workshop has no cost. You can leave a donation within your possibilities at the end if you feel like it. 
- It is very important to us to know how many people to expect. So, please, if you register and for any reason can't join the workshop, we appreciate if you let us know as soon as possible.
- For questions you can write to Changing Room. (@changing_room_berlin)

& Fluid Ecotonalism


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The workshop is based and focused on feeling —experimenting with different art disciplines, observation, and listening techniques to empathize and understand the complexity of the ecosystem within, in-between, and around the Plötzensee – before internalizing interdependence in and among our bodies. Such interaction/experience will be translated into a visual composition, which is then translated into a sound piece. The sound piece is created collectively around the premises of “ecotonality”.

Fluid Ecotonalism is a project based on hydrocommons, as well as on ecosomatics and expanded poetry. It is an invitation to listen to what bodies of water – liquid ecotones – have to tell us about ourselves beyond ourselves now. To think about embodying liquidity and so the interface – affecting and being affected by everything – in the common and the different. It is a hopeful invitation to open another perspective toward bodies of water that like us, are facing rapid change and the current climate urgency.



Irene Trejo

Inter/transdisciplinary poet, journalist and editor from Mexico, currently exploring the

inhabitation of different lands. Her work focuses on ecosomatic research around the limits of bodies as well as of identity, poetry, space-time, and different disciplines and processes of creation. Her production integrates the interaction and relationship with non-human bodies, landscapes, and surrounding communities. She studied music and dance while growing up and graduated in Digital Media. She has lived in São Paulo and Barcelona. She has a master's degree in investigative journalism from the UB and Columbia NY and a diploma in Independent Experimental Film. She was part of the IMÁN art program exploring the concept of the voice. In the summer of 2021, she published her first book of poetry, which also documents some of her video and performative pieces, titled "Rendirse to Resist" with Aire publishing house. She is currently a self-taught student of somatics with a focus on ecology, biology, environment, spirituality, sexuality, movement, and sound. She is co-founder of Poesía sin Muros ( poetry without borders) and creator of Fluid Ecotonalism.

Mauricio Silva Orendain

A composer and diverse keyboards player from Mexico City currently based in Basel,

Switzerland. His current works explore the bridges between timbre, orchestration and

microtonality, specifically on unconventional organs and synthesisers. All with the aim to recall the importance of physical vibrations and their direct influence on the listeners experience and on the sound sculpture of a piece. In 2021 he had the unique opportunity of coming in contact with a brand new instrument; the Experimentalorgel at St. martins Church in Kassel, Germany. This happening triggered a new artistic concept in his music and current research project: A Bridge Between Composition

& Sound Design. He is part and co-creator of Fluid Ecotonalism.

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