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31 August  2023, 6-10pm

Expaining Taxonomy to a Bird

Simon Faithfull 

A Book Launch
a filmed Performance-Lecture
+ a casual Artist Talk over drinks

6 pm

7 pm
Viewing of a performance-lecture filmed within the Berlin Natural History Museum’s Bird Collection.
36 mins

8 pm
Casual Artist  Talk + a Q&A over drinks


Berlin’s Naturkundemuseum feels like an almost infinite library of life on this planet. Its millions of specimens form a kind of cathedral of Taxonomy – an attempt to name, to categorize, and to ‘box’ all the entangled diversity of life. ‘Explaining Taxonomy to a Bird’ is a series of artworks that came out of a 6-month residency within the Museum’s collections – specifically the museum’s 200,000 dead birds.

At Changing Room two late outcomes from this research will be launched - a book and the Premiere of a performance-lecture filmed within the Museum’s Historic Bird Collection. Both seek to destabilize and question some of science’s bombastic certainties, and to reflect upon how humans have designated themselves as a category apart from all the other species they share their planet with.

Check our podcast series "In Conversation with Nature"
and spot 
Episode #4 with Simon Faithfull! 

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The event works as a part of our series "More-than-human: Music from other species⁠"
Changing Room is a project by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez and is supported by Berliner Senat für Kultur und Europa. ⁠

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