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Upcoming Series 2022

From Touch to Matter

an exploration of art, politics and the self 

through sensory experience.

How to alleviate the oppressive effects of body politics?

Where does one locate the self when everything is constantly in a state of transit?

How to overcome the chronic condition of self-censorship generated by capitalist structures?


From Touch to Matter is an ongoing series based on artistic research in an interdisciplinary area where immersive, body-somatic and alternative methods of perception are of interest and how these can be interpreted for a subjective and personal art that is uniquely tailored to each individual.

Individual sessions and group workshops by professionally trained experts and artists will be offered on a regular basis.

Especially in a rapidly changing present in which the familiar feels obsolete, just as the current loses its topicality, the reconquest of inner spaces should be seen as a radical act of self-empowerment.

Dissociation and the separation from our body lead to a shifted perception of ourselves and others.

Beyond the affective moment of empathy, this work can also be an important component of artistic-aesthetic practice, within which the subjective moment of sensory experience automatically becomes a political gesture.

The body is in the centre and a core place where emotions are expressed. 

An activation and training of the maturity of feelings, against the restrictions and paternalism by an increasingly capitalised and institutionalised art are the objectives of From Touch to Matter. 



sensory: To enable the participants to have a sensual experience with lasting quality. The opening of new aesthetic, perceptive and sensory spaces through a profound experience far removed from everyday life. To promote inter-subjective perception, to sensitize for complex life realities.


political: sharpening empathy, responsibility and collective sense. Setting the transformative potential of subjective experience as the basis for politically and socially responsible action. Raising awareness by expanding the individual's range of experience.

cultural: an expansion of the concept of art by re-evaluating the possibilities of various somatic methods and techniques with artistic application potential.

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