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Julien Villaret and Julie Sorel:

Green Schöpf

(Schöpf refers to the term Schöpfen (scooping), which describes the act of crafting paper).

As part of the Algae Paper Project, a multi-year artistic research series on algae and its environment, Julien Villaret and Julie Sorel present Green Schöpf, a workshop inspired by the culinary culture of Laos, artisanal papermaking and ceramic art.

Join us for a Kaipen making workshop in the temporary seaweed lab!
(Kaipen is a Laotian riverweed chip made using the traditional paper-making technique):
Friday afternoon 11th nov 4pm-8pm 

and a happening-tasting with the artists on:
Saturday evening 12th of nov. from 6pm

Free of charge and no reservations required!

Julien Villaret lives and works in Berlin. After working at Atelier Van Lieshout in Rotterdam (NL) in the early 2000s, he was part of the screen print collective Elshopo in France from 2002 to 2012. In 2012 he founded the screen print studio Goofypress in Berlin and at the same time started his research on algae under the name Algae-Paper. Julie Sorel is a cook and ceramicist. She has worked in the Wedding district since 2020, making ceramic tableware that she exhibits at occasional culinary events. With her partner Julien Villaret, she organised several events around food and art, such as Tête Oyster Bar in Prenzlauer Berg from 2016 to 2019, and worked for several years as sous chef at Bar3 restaurant in Mitte.

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