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Hunting Music: New music for animal calling instruments
workshop and concert

by Lukatoyboy

Dates of Workshop:

9/24 2pm-6pm
9/25 2pm-6pm

no reservation needed


29th Sep. 8pm

As part of the Hunting Music series and in collaboration with Changing Room's "More-than-human: Music from Other Species".

Lukatoyboy will host a two-day workshop focused on introducing an extensive collection of animal call instruments commonly used for hunting.He will introduce the idea to use this objects as musical instruments and collaboratively developing a notation system, compositions, and improvisational possibilities.

Since this workshop focuses on reed instruments, additional hygiene measures will be used to clean and disinfect the instruments.
There are about 25 instruments in total of more than 10 different types, so participants can choose the instruments they feel most comfortable and sonically identify with to then use in different acoustic spaces.


Over a period of 2 days, we will work on different formations to create a concert together on the evening of September 29th.

Previous musical experience is welcome, but not necessary.
The workshop will be held in English (German translation is possible).

Dates of Workshop:

9/24 2pm-3:45pm 4pm-6pm
9/25 2pm-6pm 2pm-3.45pm 4pm-6pm.


29th Sep. 8pm

(An additional children's workshop will be announced at a later date).

For any questions regarding the workshop please contact:

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