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i can't hear you

18 March 2023, 7pm

"i can't hear you"
Record release + casual workshop

Research and Waves and Changing Room are happy to invite you to the public release of the LP "i can’t hear you" which will take place on March 18th at 7pm:

The new vinyl release presents a collection of tracks that were developed in close collaboration with the contributors of the "i can’t hear you" event series that took place in summer 2021 in Changing Room in Berlin. For each of the events we invited artists, scholars and activists from different fields to jointly raise questions and probe for answers on issues of work and performance. Each track presents an extended form of documentation, reflection, and experimentation of this process featuring a wide variety of audio material that was recorded before, during, and after each of the five events in the series.

On March 18th, Research and Waves will offer a casual (non-)workshop in which you can assemble and pack your own (and/or other people’s) copy of the freshly released LP while we listen to the tracks together in a relaxed atmosphere. We will share the work, as well as food and drinks, while looking back at the event series and the variety of issues raised and touched upon.

Some of the contributors featured on the record will frame, compliment, and intervene in this process with performances, installations, situations.  

Featuring contributions by: Ralf Wendt, Anna Zawadzka | handverlesen with Lea Schneider and Kassandra Wedel | FemmeFitness, Raluca Croitoru | Ariel Orah and Bilawa Respati from Soydivision Kollektiv | Juliana Lindenhofer, Brad Nath | & Tatiana Echeverri Fernande



The performance begins at 7PM.



More information:

"i can’t hear you" was kindly supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds and Neustart Kultur.

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