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Music from other species“ 

In the age of the Anthropocene, we are increasingly feeling how the massive interventions we have made in our environment are unhinging a highly complex ecological system. In the coming decades, we ourselves will have to adapt to the resulting changes in living conditions.


Can we enter into an exchange with nature on an equal footing?


To enter into an exchange with nature, we must first acknowledge the limits of our own perception. A large part of cultural life in nature takes place in habitats and frequency ranges that are not accessible to humans.


Changing Room takes up this theme with an exhibition programme under the title "More-than-human: Music from other species". A series of events and projects as well as the accompanying podcast series  "In Conversation with Nature" will explore the various relationships between humans, nature and music.


What would be the significance for our relationship to other species if we were to grant them an aesthetic capacity for expression and sensibility? We want to ask these and other questions together.


Artistic exploration can create access to hidden natural phenomena that can be interpreted as expressions of emotionality and spirituality. Can we transform our alienated relationship to nature with empathy gained in this way?


A rapprochement with nature and an overcoming of the self-drawn and rigid border between us and other species seems inevitable for a liveable and peaceful future.


"Music from other species" pursues the vision of such a changed self-image of the modern human. With its programme, CR not only wants to make the creative, spiritual and cultural achievements of nature consumable and transfer them to the human world, but also to connect both worlds and create a new level of encounter.

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