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17 June 2021, 7pm


Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez with performer Zandile Darko


Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez’s work performed by Zandile Darko is a work that takes migration and resilience as its main theme, beginning with mutual tolerance and openness. The performance is as much about forgetting as it is about remembering, thus incorporating the stress limits that are constantly repeated within this field of opposing forces. The artist wants to counter this phenomenon by the emphatic means of “observing and feeling”. Symbolically, the balance and order between the ground and one’s lying or standing upon it are continuously visualised and questioned.


The opposing forces of movement, tension and body, as well as the attraction of the earth, are embodied by the underlying choreography. Zandile Darko alienated bodily sounds with her voice. The audience was actively involved in the performance to make collective memories physically tangible.

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