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Earthshift pt. II

Thursday, 7th of December 2023
at 7 pm

The Sun Experiment (Ether Echoes)  2014 | 35 min | by Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Crater  2022 | 14 min | by Adina Camhy
screen play  live dance performance  | 60 min | by Hannah Schillinger

The last event of our 2-year long project:

„More-than-human: Music from other species“
a project on artistic exploration.

Can we create access to hidden natural phenomena that can be interpreted as expressions of emotionality and spirituality? Can we transform our alienated relationship to nature with empathy gained in this way?

In a combination of film and live performance, the second evening of Earthshift explores the
corporeality of geological structures and memorials as well as the ruins of modern utopias.

Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky's The Sun Experiment (Ether Echoes), set in a post-Soviet mining town, shows a young woman undergoing a do-it-yourself electro-telepathic experiment
that results in dream-like states multiplying into various historical characters, activities, and material agents.

In Crater, Adina Camhy appropriates images from the internet and other geo-information sources to reflect on crater phenomena on earth and in space: Depth and abyss as evidence of past moments of violence.

After a short break, Hannah Schillinger presents her dance performance screen play, in which a traveller encounters German landscapes affected by the climate crisis. Body memory, physical remains, and a 360° video documentary construct a place of entangled forces.


Earthshift  is a series of events curated by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez and Florian Wüst that reflects on landscapes of exploitation.

Click here to check Earthshift pt. I

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