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Thursday, 19 October 2023 at 7pm

Լանդշաֆտ Landshaft

Earthshift pt. I

Landshaft (2023), by Daniel Kötter
a film screening 
a conversation with Daniel Kötter



Landshaft (2023)
Duration: 96'
Language: OmeU

a conversation with the film maker


Daniel Kötter's new film Landshaft  sketches the psychogeography of a geopolitically charged landscape and its inhabitants between extractivism, war and displacement. 

From Lake Sevan to the gold mine of Sotk—partly occupied by Azerbaijan since the six-week war of 2020—Kötter travels through a border valley surrounded by mountains in the East of Armenia: an area of bleak, windswept majesty. 

Although the Nagorno-Karabakh region, taken over by Azerbaijan just recently, is located to the south, the conflict had moved the Armenian-Azerbaijan border further up. The magnificently framed road movie weaves together stories from the war and the gold mining operation, which appear as two facets of the same violence inflicted on the landscape. By giving a voice to those who watch with concern as the powers on both sides tear each other apart at their expense, Landshaft reveals the deadly logic of post-Soviet ethno-nationalism.

The screening of Landshaft, is the first event of a multi-part series named Earthshift, curated by Florian Wüst and Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, which combines film, sound art, and performance to reflect on landscapes of exploitation.

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more info:
the project

the trailer

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The event is part of our series "More-than-human: Music from other species⁠"
Changing Room is a project by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez and is supported by Berliner Senat für Kultur und Europa. ⁠

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