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Micropolitics Yoga

Dates to be announced as soon as possible. Stay home, happy and safe

Micropolitics Yoga

Activation by 

Berit Fischer

As part of the Series 

From Touch To Matter

 - an exploration of art, politics and the self

through sensory experience.

Micropolitics Yoga is based upon yogic practice and breathwork and is enmeshed with affirmative collective exercises and togetherness that are based in the spirit of radical pedagogies, activist and artistic approaches. 

Counteracting the colonialisation and mainstream capitalist appropriations of Yoga, Micropolitics Yoga emphasises Yoga’s original social and ethical spirit, that recognises that we are all interconnected. It invites us to immerse and challenge ourselves on a molecular level, towards a collective raising of consciousness in body and mind. 


Together we will experiment and strive to challenge neoliberal capitalist demands and strategies of separationism, hyper-individualism, the pursuit of self-optimisation, of the normative representational functioning body, and the patriarchy over our individual and collective body. 

Reclaiming Yoga through the lens of commoning, we will holistically work together towards an empowered, resistant, transformative and inclusive “body” that embraces its solidarity, inter-relationality and reciprocity with the collective “social body”. The personal is indeed political!

We invite you to participate on either one of the two upcoming dates. Registration for both workshops is of course possible, but you do not need the experience of the first workshop to participate in the second one.

Find further information on how to participate here

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