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The Agency of Touch

One on One Sessions with 

Mădălina Dan

As part of the series From Touch To Matter

 - an exploration of art, politics and the self

through sensory experience.

The Agency of Touch is a social intervention which utilizes touch, bodily/ sensorial awareness and connectivity as a social service for communicating and researching within different social, cultural, economical contexts.

The Agency of Touch wishes to be temporarily installed in artistic contexts-festivals but in particular in institutions, social centers that are already providing social services such as rehabilitation centers, hospitals, integration centers, old people’s homes etc.


The Agency of Touch is a practice privileging touch, haptic and physical experiences compared to the visual experiences that dominate in the contemporary technologised society. The tactile practice is regarded as a practical tool in order to be closer to society and its intrinsic problematics: the alienation of the senses, the neglect of anatomical/biological education,

the social inequalities, the financial comfort equaling the comfort of the body, racism,migration, violence.

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