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We are happy to announce:
 The Agency of Touch
- one on one

tactile choreography and Gestures of staying in Touch,
open lab, crossovers with other mediums

As part
of the series: 

- an exploration of art, politics
and the self through sensory experience

23-29 August
at Changing Room

*supported by DIS-TANZ-SOLO 3 scholarship (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland )
“The Agency of Touch” is the framework of choreographer Mădălina Dan’s extensive research into forms of tactile choreography. Since 2016 The Agency of Touch has frequently appeared  as a one-on-one tactile performance happening on the body of the receiver. It uses touch as an artistic service for communicating within different artistic, social, medical contexts. The work examines the alienation of the senses in contemporary technologized society through the immediate connection of the haptic. The new paradigm that has arisen from the corona pandemic—social distancing—has increased the significance of the tactile medium for health,  art and society. 

This year Mădălina Dan will be back at Changing Room  with the one -on -one individual tactile sessions but also with Gestures of staying in Touch, an interdisciplinary framework of research across artistic- non artistic mediums happening as an intensive lab during the weekend 28-29th August at Changing Room.  The proposal invites participants interested in the tactile, somatic, kinesthetic experiences as a form of knowledge and a way of approaching and generating artistic, reflexive research, with crossovers of mediums and therapeutic features. 

The open lab will take place during 2 days of the weekend 28-29th August according to the following schedule:

11:00-13:30 -warm-up session, physical practice facilitated by Mădălina Dan
13:30-14:30 Lunch break
14:30- 16:30 Individual research sessions
16:30- 17:30 group sharing



Dates: The Agency of Touch
23rd, 24th, 25th, 27th 


For Booking The Agency of Touch - one on one please go here.


Dates: Gestures of staying in Touch lab:
28-29th, August

For Booking Gestures of staying in Touch 2-day workshop please e-mail: 

More info about The Agency of Touch
The Agency of Touch is a warm and affectionate environment, an integrative space to produce a close dialogue and reflection with the body and its sensorial, emotional, energetic, transcendental, caregiving and receiving resources. As a training method facilitated by touch, it is a learning process for both giver and receiver that encourages to explore the perceptive and sensorial resources of the body also outside of the artistic frame – in everyday life. 

The Agency of Touch is a touch-practice following anatomical pathways and spatio-temporal determinants. It consists of working with the somato-sensory system, with layers- the skin, muscles, joints, fat, fluids, fascia, clothing and with touch receptors registering texture, pressure, movement and vibration.  The procedures concentrate on different types of awakening of the skin and the proprioceptors: pressing, scratching, kneading, brushing, stroking combined with self-developed procedures of instant choreographies.

The Agency of Touch is an encounter in which touch is approached as a performative, intentional gesture on the body of the receiver The reception of the instant compositions made on the body asks for an active participation through awareness and the sensorial faculties of perceiving the work on one’s own body. 

In a non-visual paradigm, the body of the receiver is a stage, a landscape, an “affective texture”, a subjective sensorial surface. Subjective sensations arise during the instant composition which are connected with the impulses that the living, biological structure- senses and movement receptors –receive. 

From Touch To Matter
- an exploration of art, politics and the self
through sensory experience

sensory: To enable the participants to have a sensual experience with lasting quality. The opening of new aesthetic, perceptive and sensory spaces through a profound experience far removed from everyday life. To promote inter-subjective perception, to sensitize for complex life realities.

political: sharpening empathy, responsibility and collective sense. Setting the transformative potential of subjective experience as the basis for politically and socially responsible action. Raising awareness by expanding the individual's range of experience.

cultural: an expansion of the concept of art by re-evaluating the possibilities of various somatic methods and techniques with artistic application.​

Accessibility and Covid precautions
The venue is for wheelchair only accessible on the ground floor platform. From there the space is visible and performances can be viewed. For the main area 4 deep steps need to be taken. The toilet is gender-neutral. The space is such that there are big windows that open to a large public outdoor area, so the indoor spaces are well ventilated. Chairs with backs are available.
Changing Room is aprox. 350 meters from the U6 Bahnhof and S-Bahn Seestrasse. There is no elevator from the U6 platform to the sidewalk. If you need an elevator you need to leave the U-Bahn at the stop U6 Leopoldplatz (One stop before Seestrasse when coming from Mitte)

If you have needs that we can help accommodate to ensure your participation in this event, please contact us at

T. Echeverri Fernandez


Please come with a negative COVID test result (or vaccination or COVID recovery).

When indoors, everyone needs to wear a mask. When moving around outside, you also need a mask, unless you are with appropriate distance from others. 



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