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Ongoing Series


Music from other species“ 

by Musquiqui Chihying & Gregor Kasper

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The names of public spaces are often manifestations of hegemonic power, ideology and history.
A close reading offers not only a local geography, but also a deeper insight into a society.

Join us in an attempt to establish an open platform for exchanging views and opinions!



In a combination of film and live performance, the second evening of Earthshift explores the

corporeality of geological structures and memorials as well as the ruins of

modern utopias.

Film "The Sun Experiment  

(Ether Echoes)" 

by  Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Film "Crater" 

by  Adina Camhy

Dance performance

"screen play" 

by Hannah Schillinger

Thursday, 7th

of December 

at 7pm


00:00 / 38:56

Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez talks with Florian Wüst about shifting landscapes

Elise Florenty Marcel Turkowsky The Sun Experiment (Ether Echoes) (1).jpg
GoogleMAPS_2020-03-21 um 20.07.48 Kopie.jpg

by Christl Mudrak

Thu 23th Nov at 

casual talk at 7pm

On view

Fri – Sun

23th  26th Nov 2023

Territories overwritten and reclaimed by nature visualise a temporal progression through the vegetation and material decay.


In Conversation
with Nature


00:00 / 30:12

Christl Mudrak and Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez talk about Mudrak's project „Working the Land“ which derives from her extensive occupation with the site of the Zum Waldsee campsite in Havelland.⁠


Daniel Kötter´s new film Landshaft (2023, 96 min) sketches the psychogeography of the geopolitically charged landscape at the border region of Armenia with Azerbaijan and its inhabitants between extractivism, war and displacement.

psf snake logo.png

an 1-day event that explores the evolving relationship between humans and the natural world. An invitation to revisit the core of our relationship with nature and examine how technology, academic research, and science have altered it. 


names snake.png

Re: Empathy The Nature

Performance by

Stella Geppert

Embodied sounds and vital organs serve as the starting point to engage with other beings and landscapes. By situating herself within her organs, Stella allows the inside of the body to come into communicate with the outside. 

17 December at 8pm

00:00 / 32:16

Stella Geppert  shares how she builds empathies between the body and nature through her artistic practice and, more specifically, in her upcoming performance "Sounds for the Organs".


In Conversation with Nature

Jaq Lisboa.jpeg

We invite you

to a musical

dinner crafted

by the Mani collective. ⁠

On the 28th/30th of November from 19th to 22h

Additional Date!!!

30th of November from 19h to 22h

28th is Booked Out!



'Chronicles of Extinction'

by Kirsten Palz

17 November 2022, 7pm

Skin, leaf, flower, plumage, bone structure, extremities, fur and the like are extracted and displayed. This detailed look at elements of extinct animals and plants underlines the loss of a differentiated part of the living world.


Join us for a Kaipen making workshop in the temporary seaweed lab!
on friday afternoon 11. nov 4pm-8pm

and a tasting happening on

saturday 12th of nov. from 6pm

(Kaipen is a Laotian riverweed chip

made using the traditional paper-making technique)

Free of charge and no reservations required!


As part of the Algae Paper project, a series of artistic researches conducted for several years around seaweed and its environment, Julien Villaret and Julie Sorel present Green Schöpf,

a workshop inspired by the culinary culture of Laos, artisanal paper-making, and the art of ceramics.

abigal podcast

 - a podcast series 

artists, their work and the thinking behind the work, which focuses on the relationship of humans to animals and plants and their interconnectedness, as well as on issues such as empathy, coexistence with other living beings, the environment, the climate crisis, animal song and culture

In Conversation with Nature

00:00 / 22:08


Abigail Sanders  talk's about her working process and give insights into the research background and inspiration behind "Sounding Whales".


00:00 / 27:23

Irene TrejoInter/transdisciplinary poet and artist focuses on ecosomatic research around the limits of bodies as well as of identity, poetry, space-time, and different disciplines and processes of

creation. She talks in the podcast about her latest project "Fluid Ecotonalism" in which she collaborates with Mauricio Silva Orendain.

Listening and Reading at CR


Hunting Music:

New music for animal calling instruments
composition and concert 

by Lukatoyboy

2-days workshop 24/25 Sep. 2pm-6pm

and concert on the 29th Sep. 8pm

PHOTO-2022-08-23-20-37-13 copy.jpg

Fluid Ecotonalism is a collaborative transdisciplinary, practical, and poetic proposal that aims to empathize with bodies of water that are also considered ecotones – spaces of transition from one ecosystem to another. The project is an ongoing process and research that takes the form of an ecosomatic workshop carried out in conjunction with bodies of water, from which results derive into different translations that are finally integrated through sound.


We invite you to join us on 7th and 8th of May to welcome the composer and performer, Abigail Sanders, with her musical performance and accompanying talk, "Sounding Whales”.

"Sounding Whales" is a project that explores the song of the humpback whale with the help of the French Horn. At Changing Room, Abigail Sanders will present her work in the form of a concert and talk. 


Saturday, May 7th at 7 pm

Sunday, May 8th at 4 pm

Free entry

There will be an opportunity to donate to the non-profit whale research and conservation organization, Ocean Alliance, founded by Dr. Roger Payne.


For the protection of all present, we ask you to wear a medical mask.

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